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BTL 500ml x12 Hallertau Little Beast

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10% Barley Wine. A beer the mimics a wine?? This beer vibes of a Riesling, the phenolic notes from the addition of the Manuka smoked malt. The 10% warming alcohol balances the resiny bitterness from the Nelsom Sauvin hops representing the vibrant acidity in the wine. Aromas of spicy peach and barbecued Grapefruit with a touch of booze. Flavour is warmish and rich; wood fired apricot crumble with an intense grassy fresh bitterness that will soften with time in the long alcohol finish.

IBU: 80
OG: 1090
FG: 1015
MALT: Gladfield Pale Ale, Manuka Smoked, Light Crystal
KETTLE HOPS: Nelson Sauvin

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Weight 12 kg




Unit Size

BTL 500ml

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BTL 500ml x12


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