Hallertau Porter Noir 20L Keg

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6.6% Porter aged in Pinot Noir Barrels. Aged for four months in Pinot Noir Wine Barrels, Porter Noir draws on winemaking traditions for a finely composed arrangement of soft tannins, forest fruits and chocolate, all completed with an elegantly long finish.

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Strictly limited release. The barrels were only gently hot water rinsed before use to retain the wine charter and also the native yeasts in the wood. The four month maturation in the barrel develops the palette with gentile woody tannins and fruits of the forest from the previous resident. Combined with the remnants of chocolate and soft acidity from the native yeasts creates amazing mouth feel with a long drying finish.

The secondary fermentation in the bottle was carried out with the native yeasts from the barrel, namely brettanomyces. This is the same yeast used to bottle condition the famous Belgian Trappist beer Orval. Brettanomyces character dominates the aroma.