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KEG 50L Hidden World Guardian G&T

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14% Gin & Tonic. A somewhat ambitious 50L mix of Gin & Tonic using Guardian Gin, the first of many new gins to come from the collaborative adventures of Epic Brewing  & Viaone Gin. Guardian is a very small batch Gin using a blend of intense spicy NZ native pepper trees, Kawakawa and Horopito with a classic juicy Juniper base. Pouring off tap at a tasteful 14%, Guardian G&T is a stand out mix, refreshingly intense and aromatic. Hidden World Gin is proud to present Guardian Gin the first of many new innovative and enlightening products. Hidden World is a collaboration between Luke Nicholas of Epic Brewing Company and Anthony Sexton of Vaione Gin. This venture came about as the result of an extensive journey into Gin by the founders and this is reflected in the product branding and company philosophy.

About Guardian Gin

In Guardian Gin the explorer must face his first challenge to pass the Guardian and bring back his first load of exotic Botanicals. Guardian is made in very small batches and is a combination of both vapour distilling and steeping. Guardian is a blend of intense spicy New Zealand native pepper trees, Kawakawa and Horopito with a classic juicy Juniper base and bursts of NZ grown Lemons and Limes. It is a refreshingly intense flavor with good aromatics that drinks beautifully neat and because of its intensity is a stand out in mixed drinks.

About Hidden World

The Hidden world brand is about the story of the explorer’s journey to distant and hidden worlds in search of unique and flavoursome botanicals. This is reflected in their companies philosophy, “We believe that Gin is a Journey with so much variety and it is a journey that we are devoted to taking New Zealand and the rest of the world on. This will be reflected in how we sell our Gin but also in the many unique flavours and varieties that we will release every year.”

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