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KEG 30L Bridge Road Creek

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5.4% Cherry Sour Ale, Barrel Aged for 12 Months. Unlike conventional beer, which is fermented by carefully cultivated yeast, Lambic is traditionally exposed to wild yeasts and bacteria, which give the beer its distinctive flavour. This cherry Lambic was brewed using locally grown Beechworth cherries and then aged in oak barrels. “This release unlike the Gabs release in 2015 (kettle soured and aged on imported sour cherries) has been barrel aged on fresh Beechworth cherries from the 2017 harvest until now, so a year in barrels with huge cherry characters. The barrels were sent to the local orchard where pickers picked directly into the barrels. This is something of a unique beer in Australia.”
-Ben Kraus – Founder Bridge Rd Brewers

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