8 Wired Cascara Hippy 50L Keg

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4.5% version of Hippy Berliner brewed with Cascara Coffee Cherries. Still an awesomely refreshing brew with a tinge of coffee. “Cascara, which means “husk,” “peel” or “skin” in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries.

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These pulped skins are collected after the seeds (aka coffee beans) have been removed from the cherries. They are then dried in the sun before they are packaged and shipped off. These dried bags of coffee cherries are not unlike bags of tea—the main visual difference is the pieces of cherries are slightly bigger than a tea leaf and have a leathery, woody look similar to dried raisins or the shell of a nut. The neat part about this whole process is that not only does it allow for the coffee plant to be used in a creative way, but it’s also eco-friendly