8 Wired Milou 50L Keg

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4% Small Saison. Hazy, pure white head & sublimely sessionable. Inspired by everyones favourite Belgian cartoon pooch, Snowy. We have almost run out of our entry for the 3rd Annual Brothers Beer Session Beer Challenge : “Milou” – Inspired by everyone’s favourite Belgian cartoon pooch, Milou is Belgian/French for Snowy – the name of Tintin’s dog.

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Beer geek specs as follows…

Style : Small Saison/Belgian
ABV : 4%
Malt : Pilsen malt // Vienna malt // Wheat malt // dash of acidulated malt.
Hops: Late hopping all Wai-iti – 2.8 – 3.0 A/A (Alpha Acid).

Ferment: American Ale yeast and Saison yeast, pitched together at 17c. The ferment was a free-rise to 24c, and conditioned for a week at 7c.

Finish : No filtration (there will be trace sediment in this beer) , separator only // No dry-hop.

OG 1.036
FG 1.003

Notes : Lemon yellow , hazy, pure white head. As Wai-iti its high in oil content, the beer has a notion of hop aroma, gently masked by the saison character. Lemon is usually the main descriptor for Wai-iti of which there is a faint hint. Sublimely sessionable!