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KEG 50L Bridge Road Bar Series Newy Beech

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5.5% Red XPA. Brewed with Grain Store from Newcastle. “Newy Beech” is a mash up of Grain Stores 2 Fav Bridge Road Brews – Fat man and Beechworth Pale. Brewers Notes:
Corey Crooks
NEWY BEECH RED XPA by Grain Store Newcastle – Note Grain Store (2 words)
We have thought about what we like drinking this time of the year….and the fav’ amongst the crew was Reds, we than wanted to create a bit of a mash up of 2 of our fav beers Fat Man & Beechy Pale resulting in a hop forward Red Xtra Pale with a nice biscuity backbone.
If you didn’t already know Newcastle is home to some of Australia’s best beaches so the name was a given = Newy Beech where the pun is most definitely indented.

Tasting Notes:
Deep amber in color (which in a way is sort of kinda reddish). The malt is just a support act to this XPA that’s a big hop hit with sessionability in mind. The hops on show are Australian Galaxy and Vic Secret as well as American Citra.
Dank Resin and citrus notes on the nose, the hops also dominate the taste with juicy, confectionary character. The beer finishes with a pronounced and clean bitterness

HOPS: Citra Galaxy Vic Secret
MALT: Maris Otter, Gladfiled Ale Malt, Weyermann Caramber,
Carared, Munich Type 2 and Medium Crystal

ABV: 5.5% OG: 1.051
IBUs: 45 FG:1.009

Not filtered or

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