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KEG 50L Bridge Road Berried Alive!

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5.1% Blackberry Saison fermented using a blend of traditional Belgian style saison yeast along with our own Brettanomyces culture used in the Mayday Hills range. In the time-honoured tradition of Collaborators, we were keen to brew something we couldn’t or wouldn’t brew on our own kit. Given that the ‘couldn’t’ option was otherwise occupied (ie Ben’s Foeder was already full of beer) we lept at the opportunity to do what we wouldn’t do in our own Brewery – pitch Brettanomyces. Combine this with the opportunity to brew Farmhouse with the Saison-meisters themselves and pretty soon we had a plan.

Enter ‘Berried Alive! A Bretted Blackberry Saison.  We opted for a super simple malt bill, low BUs, co-fermentation with Bridge Road’s ‘house’ Saison yeast and Brett C (straight from the Foeder) and lashings of Beechworth Blackberries in secondary for a lean, dry, tart, spicy and fruity Saison with just enough funk – which would continue to get funkier over time.

Very much alive…

-Tasting Notes-
The beer pours a deep golden orange with tight white head. The aroma is a combination of earthy, herbal esters and blackberry, citrus notes. Acidity from the blackberries along with a sharp, fine carbonation cut through the tropical fruit, berries and earthy herbal flavours on the palate.

HOPS: Northern Brewer, Enigma, Saaz
MALT: Gladfield Ale, Acidulated
OTHER: 100kg Local BlackberriesVITAL STATS:
ABV: 5.1%  OG: 1.045
IBUs: 13   FG: 1.0098
Not filtered or

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