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KEG 50L Bridge Road Engima IPA

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6% Single Hop IPA using Australian hop variety, Enigma. IPAs are a big deal. Australian Hops are a big deal. Celebrate both with this limited release IPA brewed 100% exclusively with Australian hop variety, Enigma. Enigma IPA is part of a series of single Aussie hop IPAs. Enigma is a hop variety developed by Hop Products Australia that shows characters quite different to the typical Australian hop. Those who’ve ploughed into the Galaxy and Ella IPAs will find this hop to be more closely aligned to varieties from NZ. Showing flavor and aroma similar to Riesling grapes, berries and some more over-ripe pungent melon notes.

Enjoy the taste of Hop monogamy and patriotism just in time for International IPA day. A Bridge Road Brewers exclusive release as part of a 4 IPA series.

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