Epic DDH Dust 50L Keg

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6.5% Loopy IPA, double dry hopped with Lupulin Powder. Magic Dust has been truly magical. We had trouble making enough and after the most recent batch we didn’t have enough Mosaic dust left, so we made a new IPA using some other hop varieties.

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We have used Citra and Simcoe lupulin powder (the sticky yellow powder on hop flowers) in DDH Dust IPA. DDH = Double Dry Hopped. As always, we at Epic try to make beers bigger than before. So this time, with a recipe inspired by Magic Dust, we double dry hopped the beer.

Why Loopy IPA? It is a play on the word Lupulin. Magic Dust was a Lupulin IPA, so this one is a Loopy IPA, because the level of dry hopping is a bit on the crazy side.

In a world where everyone has reached the threshold of the hop hit, this beer still has the ability to jump out of the glass and punch you in the nose. This beer has been described as both smelling and tasting like a fresh hopped beer. A fantastic huge hop aroma that will put a smile on the face of any hophead. Flavour is just a great blend of Citra and Simcoe hops.