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KEG 50L Epic Fat Shady

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4.8% Extra Stout. Shady as in “throwing some shade” as in “dark beer”. Fat as in “very dark”, but also as in a rich smooth silky Stout. Stout, the original craft beer. From a time when the world was awash in a sea of industrial lager, you could always find that one beer of difference, Stout. From the company whose brand was as strong as Coke, and the only beer that has its own annual holiday celebrated globally. Where everyone finds some distant relative from Ireland to justify taking the day off work and drinking Stout. Here is our homage to hope and choice when things looked as dark as the beer.

We have made a number of bigger and challenging Stouts over the last 10 years. Now it’s time to have a Stout that anyone can drink. Easy on the taste, while still being interesting with a medium body, creamy texture, and long roasty finish. 4.8% so not too strong that it will blow your head off. Very satifying.

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