Epic Love & Affection 50L Keg

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6.4% Amethyst IPA. Luke had been looking at this name for a beer as part of the Armageddon IPA Hysteria series and thought how do you put Love into a beer? How about using the vibrations of a crystal? So he hunted down an Amethyst (Luke's birthstone). At first, it was just going to be a largeish crystal you could fit in your hand. Then we thought, it has to give a lot of vibration so it needs to be an Epic size crystal!

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On brew day we bought the crystal into the brewery. Everyone kind of shook their heads saying what are you going to add to the beer this time. But on seeing it everyone was in awe, probably because of its size (40kg), but likely because of its beauty. So the beer was made with the crystal in the brewing process.

The recipe is a modified version of Armageddon, this time with the Mosaic hops boosted up, and Centennial reduced. And of course the immersion of the giant Amethyst Geode.

Barcodes: Bottle – 9421905018012 Case 19421905018019