Epic Miami Rice 50L Keg

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6.5 % Rice IPA. Rice beers seem to be the flavour of the month with many breweries at the moment, so we have decided to make a rice beer the Epic way. Traditionally rice is used in Lagers but of course we just had to do an IPA! The rice lightens the colour and body of the beer.

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With this lighter style of beer we thought we would crank up some of our favourite hops, in a flamboyant and 80’s kind of way. Using three of the most popular aroma hops on the planet at the moment Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic.

The aroma is big and fruity and a little sweaty. Mango/Orange juice without the haze or pulp. The flavour is just all tropical fruit, which you would expect to find on the breakfast menu at any high class restaurant in Miami. The bitterness is very low, but just enough to balance the oily, juicy hop flavours.

It’s like a NEIPA without the Hazy.

Available in 12 x 500ml bottles and 50L D type Kegstar Kegs.