Hallertau Fallen Empire 50L Keg

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6% New England IPA. Nice healthy stench of Papayas and Mangos on the nose. An equally fruity experience on the palate, with a big fat mouthfeel delivered from the inclusion of 2 types of Oats in the grain bill. Finished a with a low bitterness, giving the beer some serious quaffability. In short, proper Beer Juice!

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Word From the Brewer:

New England IPA is the most recent beer style on the block, and is currently trending all around the world. The beer is dry hopped during fermentation, based on a theory that some yeast strains react with the hops to create a bigger hop aroma. Wheat and Oats are usually included in the malt bill, in order to create a fatter mouthfeel. It should have low bitterness, which along with the mouthfeel and fruity hop profile should give a “Juicy’ experience. This style is also unfiltered and should appear “Hazy”