Hallertau Flemish Giant 50L Keg

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8.5% Tripel. All the aroma and spicy, complex yeast character and you would expect from a well brewed Belgian Tripel with an exceptionally well rounded finish, dangerously easy drinking for 8.5%.

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With a 1 2 3 4, Hallertau became one of the leaders in the craft beer boom in New Zealand. Those first four beers with their iconic numbering have established Hallertau as a truly independent brewery set on twisting beer traditions for new sensations.

But with so many craft beers now in the market, there’s a unique ingredient that keeps Hallertau’s beer particularly lively – that’s the people, the community that’s grown with Steve and Hayley Plowman’s family run brewery and bar, inspiring fresh new flavours that pour from the Beer Fountain.

Hallertau is a place that brings people together: along with the carefully selected combination of the finest hops, malt, yeast and water, it’s ideas and stories that are all heaved into the mash tun, and you can taste this liveliness in the beer.

Craft Beer

Beer breweries big and small are all touting purity and natural ingredients these days. It’s brilliant. But it should be a given with craft beer. After the mash has settled what we all really want is a good liquid mood enhancer – full of aromas, enlivening flavours and great hop character. We make our beer with our hands and use only yeast, rainwater, and fistfuls of hops. It’s all about subtle differences in varieties and combinations.