Hallertau I Like Your Speakers 50L Keg

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7% sessionable IPA. Brewed for Auckland’s hard-to-encapsulate honky-tonk watering hole “Love Bucket”. Balanced, super lean malt profile and huge hop character, its a classic hoppy, US west coast style.

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Love Bucket is an establishment not to be pigeon-holed. The vibe is somewhere between Tennessee bar and Torquay tavern, with old-school speakers suspended from the walls countered by chocolate-coloured sheepskin hides strewn across the booth seating area, and a Victorian-esque bar backed by plenty of crystal vessels. Hardwood floors give way to full-height windows that on a sunny day, can open right up and let the fresh air and sunshine stream into what would otherwise be a very dark space.

Just to be clear though, Love Bucket is anything but confused and the integrity of what’s coming from behind the bar is a decidedly new age assortment of deliciousness, particularly all things quaffable.