Hop Federation American Brown 50L Keg

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4.5% American-style Brown Ale. Dark in colour but lighter in style and with modest alcohol, our American Brown Ale is brimming with comforting aromas and flavours. Based on a style of ale that grew from English roots to flourish in America in the late twentieth century, our American Brown Ale takes the tradition a step further with an Antipodean touch.

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-Tasting Notes-
At first, it’s redolent with chocolate and coffee, following through with a full malty flavor that’s derived from a carefully managed combination of six varieties of Gladfield Canterbury malts. An edge of dark-cocoa bitterness is nicely balanced by a hint of cherries, giving it the warmth and richness of a dark beer in a light to medium body.

-Beer Stats-
Malt varieties: Gladfield Ale, Vienna, Wheat, Chocolate, Light Crystal and Red Back
Hop varieties: Pacific Jade and US Cascade
IBU: 36