Liberty + Hallertau Haterade 50L Keg

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8% Sour Imperial IPA proudly brought to you by Hallertau and Liberty Brewing. Don’t expect to make any friends sharing this beer. They might even hate it. That’s OK though: you’re allowed to get your hate on. Haters gon’ hate. Don’t hate the beer_ hate the brewers.

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Hopefully you still have teeth in your head once the beer is gone. The hop resin may have dissolved them. Proudly brought to you by Hallertau and Liberty Brewing. Good times.

-Tasting Notes-
Haterade is a bone dry, tongue coatingly bitter West Coast Style SOURED Imperial India Pale Ale. Soured? Yes. Soured. We think it might be a first. No – there’s no Brett ferment here. Think more along the lines of a Berliner Weiss having a workout using steroids. Think rotten Pink Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit.