New England Mighty Sparrow 50L Keg

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4.4% Session IPA that’ll make you think 7% east coast IPA.


Full aroma & flavour, Mighty Sparrow punches well above its weight. brewed to have 2. “It’s tasting classy. The aroma makes you think you’re going to drink a 7% east coast IPA. There’s a fair bit of malt sweetness and proper bitterness.” -Ben Rylands, Founder New England Brewing Co,

“”Mighty Sparrow has a rich honey colour with a thick creamy head. You’ll get an aroma of mango, lychee, and pine. The body is full of fruit flavours, especially pineapple and mango with a hint of blackberry. The beer is full bodied with a resinous bitterness and a hint of malt sweetness. A lot of flavour packed into a small beer.

Mighty Sparrow punches above it weight. Brewed to have two!” -Reid Stratton, Head Brewer New England Brewing Co.

OG 1.048

FG 1.014

ABV 4.4%

IBU 50

Malt: Pilsner, Crystal

Hops:Calypso, Topaz