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KEG 50L NITRO Bridge Road Mountain Lager

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5% Mountain Lager. The ideal scenario for this beer would be enjoying at least two after a day on the snow in the High Country, when you’re parched despite it being -2C and snowing and want to re-hydrate rather quickly but also savour some full and balanced flavours. Before starting the brewery I spent a good amount of beer drinking time in Europe, and I get back to Maria’s family in Austria every other year. Whilst there I often find the beers are great, but far more conservative. Those doing something different from yellow lager are often traditional brewers producing lagers with subtle increases of malt profile, colour and yeast or hop influence.

I’ve taken some inspiration from this to create a beer that doesn’t just scream malt or hops but rather introduces both in a mild way, and like all ours beers keeps balance in mind.


Designed for winter drinking, this beer has been inspired by the maltier lagers of Europe with a new world twist of aromatic hop aroma and flavour.

This beer uses modified European malts to provide more body and flavour than a standard lager and is dry hopped with aromatic new world hop varieties to provide aroma and flavour without overpowering bitterness.

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