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KEG 50L x3 Bridge Road Pale De Wilde

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Trio of 4.8% barrel aged Pale Ale’s, each using a different wild wine yeast from leading Australian winemakers – Sorrenberg, A.Rodda and Giaconda. The These three awesome beers have been fermented using wild wine yeast collected from three leading Australian Chardonnay producers in Beechworth, Sorrenberg, A.Rodda and Giaconda during vintage in 2016.

We started out with three barrels of pale ale wort and added three different local wineries wild chardonnay yeasts to each barrel. The Three brettanomyces laced barrels were filled with Beechworth pale ale wort. Chardonnay yeast was then pitched separately in each barrel. The fermentation and barrel aging totaled 12 months. The result is three unique one off brews with an amazing level of complexity, and a noticeable Brettanomyces influence.

We have packaged the beers into an extremely limited 150L worth of keggary, each beer separated into its own 50L Kegs. Kegs available only as a set of 3.

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Weight 180 kg



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50L x3


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