Little Bang Undercover Fashion Police 15 375ml Can x24 Case

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This is the final iteration in the UFP series so we’re going out with a bang; a 9.5% Double New England IPA. Hasta la Vista Hazy! Regular UFP is now available as a core range item.


You know that stupid beer we made last year? We did not learn our lesson and we made it again. It already had a stupid amount of hops, so let’s double it. Double the booze too. Hella yeah. Why not? This truly epic load of Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy is taking the haze train to juice town and diving into the … um… ocean of… you know… uh… juice… Is life normal yet? Was it ever? Is this what normal actually looks like and we’ve just forgotten? Whatever the answer, these guys have no idea what to do about it, but they’ll sure as hell drink beer and look at it. From a safe social distance. Stay weird, you beautiful lunatics!

Big, boozy, fruity and bold.