New England 6+1 Autumn-Winter Pack

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4x latest limited releases from New England with a case of pale, IPA and english brown ale for only $626ex GST & Ship. Normally $685ex GST & Ship.

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Delivery from mid May. While allocations last.

Limited Releases include:

Smouldering Stump Can 375ml x24 Case

4.8% Smoked Porter. A traditional style porter base with the addition of 20 per cent American cherry wood smoked malt. The beer has a big hit of smoke on the nose before opening to a body of smoked chocolate and dark fruits.

Flowers In The Haze ‘Cascade’ 375ml Can x24 Case

6.0% hazy IPA. A hazy style malt bill combines with the distinctive old school flavours of Cascade. The hops provide surprising complexity thanks to the use of whole hop flowers in the whirlpool and for dry hopping. The beer starts with an aroma of orange candy before opening to stone fruit and pine. The body is all the same with the addition of fresh lemon. A firm bitterness finishes the beer amongst a touch of sweetness from the lush malts.

Rum Barrel Imperial Stout 330ml Btl x24 Case

9% Imperial Stout. This imperial stout is on the sweet side and has taken on the depth of the Beenleigh rum barrels after 6 months of aging. dark sugar and rum flavours blend with oak and roasted malts to deliver a velvet stout experience, before a silky roasty body. sip and share!.

Whisky Barrel Imperial Stout 330ml Btl x24 Case

8.9% Imerpial Stout aged in Tasmanian whisky barrels for 6 months, this full bodied stout has classic barrel aromas of oak and vanilla before a luscious body of whisky and chocolate.

Core range cases include:

1x Hop Cannon IPA 6.6% 375ml x24

1x Pale Ale 375ml 4.8% 375mlx24

1x Grandad Brown Ale 4.5% 375mlx24 (Free bonus stock)