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BTL 640ml x12 New England Hop Cannon IPA

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6.6% West-Coast-Stlye IPA. “We could build a Hop Cannon out of that!”…so a huge stainless canister was converted to take our dry hopping to the next level. For this 6.6% American IPA, we stuffed the cannon with a #*~! load of US Hops and fired it into every batch – to let the fruits, pine and resins do the talking. Yeah – big and hoppy.

-Beer Stats-
ABV: 6.6%
MALT: Pilsner, Caramalt, Crystal
HOPS: Palisade, Centennial, El Dorado, Amarillo
IBU: 62

-Key Notes-
Pine, Citrus, Solid Bitterness, True to style West Coast IPA

Additional information

Weight 12 kg




Unit Size

BTL 640ml

Purchase Size

BTL 640ml x12


New England Brewing Co.