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CAN 500ml x24 New England Ship In A Bottle

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6.8% IPA. A cargo of fruit and spice – a ship in a bottle in a can. This IPA blends the English IPA tradition, supersized the American way with a Belgian yeast and punchy New Zealand and German hops. The blend of styles delivers a straw coloured body of lemon, lime, pepper and herbs, with a dry finish and a hint of resin.

50 IBU
Malt: Wheat, Caramel, Pilsner, Munich
Hops: Motueka, Hallertau Blanc, Saphir, Sorachi Ace & Pekko
Keywords: Citrus / Chardonnay/ Unrestrained fermentation
Actual Beer Style: India Saison.

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Weight 12 kg




Unit Size

CAN 500ml

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CAN 500ml x24


New England Brewing Co.