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KEG 50L Wayward + Small Acres Pomme Seche

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6.2% Dry French Apple Cider. 100% juice no added sugar, water, concentrate or flavourings. A chance meeting at a pub in Dubbo last year with James from Small Acres, and then earlier this year got into some heavy planning on how we could work together to make a cider that we have always wanted to make ourselves/drink.

Firstly we wanted a wild ferment. The natural fermentation aiming at a more interesting aroma and characteristics align with the natural French varieties we have enjoyed over the years. Secondly a portion fermented in French Oak, James suggested some former Chardonnay barrels to build complexity and add slight oaky character and palate weight.

Thirdly, an unfiltered cider so the product has a more texture, body and light biscuity characteristics. The blend of apples emcompasses heritage and modern varieties leaving a light coloured classically dry french base with ripe apple aromatics , subtle acidity and mineral notes.

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