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CAN 375ml x24 Wayward Dead Dingo

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6.2% Brut IPA. Well, to clear up any confusion, first and foremost it has absolutely nothing to do with Champagne. Brut IPA? What’s a Brut IPA? Brut, very simply, means DRY. To help make this IPA as Dry as a Dead Dingo’s proverbial, an Enzyme is added which converts any non-fermentable sugars into fermentable ones, creating a beer with (effectively) zero residual sugar.

The result is a bone dry, full flavoured, hoppy and effervescent IPA. We dosed this bad boy with Sh*tloads of Eureka!, Motueka and Vic Secret to create a citrusy and tropical banger, with a reserved bitterness and a 6.2% ABV.

55 IBU.

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Weight 10 kg




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CAN 375ml

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375ml x24


Wayward Brewing Co.